In 2020, Gengzi's New Year's Eve Taboo Fortune-Telling Fortune Than Astrology Ziwei 占い운세

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2020 is the year of Gengzi. This year is the first year of the zodiac-the year of the rat. A reincarnation in 12 years is equivalent to the beginning of a new round in 20 years. First of all, I wish you a Happy New Year! Today I will mainly talk about the matters needing attention in the Year of the Rat, as well as the zodiac of the year of the guinea pig, and the measures to be taken. The primordial phase is Wu Ma, and the noon phase is too old. The genus that intersects is Wei Yang, and the son is not intersected (harm). The phases of the phase that are broken are the rabbit and the pheasant. The children are broken. The children are broken. They are all too old. Of course, there is another way to say that the year of the mouse is too old. In fact, in my experience, this is just the natal year. This does not have much impact, so the year of the year is not too much for people of the mouse. Worry. It is mainly said that they are sheep, horses, rabbits, and chickens. It is best not to go far in this year, because the year is the year column, the year column is far away, and the offenders are against the year. Crossing means that it is not suitable for development in a distant place. These are the four horoscopes. This year, try to minimize cooperation with others or involve interests. Because impulsiveness means instability, so if this year, cooperation and partnership will easily lead to conflicts and instability. It may even lead to economic disputes, which will not bring good results to the development of things. Then there is the year when the elders passed through the pillars, and the elders were the masters, so this year will also easily affect the health of the elders. You need to pay more attention, especially the elders. In terms of residence, it is better to be stable. The back-and-forth changes caused unexpected things. In addition, it is about health and safety, especially when driving. If you are too old, it is best not to drive often this year, because passing through also means that people around you or people you meet are likely to suddenly appear or chase back and forth. This means that accidents can easily occur when driving. The above points need more attention as well. The analysis of fate through the eight characters can also be based on the detailed fortunes of each month. It is not necessarily only Liuli and Ziwei. So everyone chooses the fortune telling mainly to predict the level of the person. In fact, any fortune telling method, as long as the level Pass, you can also see the details. The last point is the most important. Before going to bed in the thirtieth night, turn off everything that can ring in your home, including mobile phones, alarm clocks, etc., in case you are awakened on the first morning, you must sleep until you wake up naturally on this day. If you are awakened on this day, this year will make you feel busy and busy, something will always urge you. Finally, I wish you all a new year and a new weather, and you have a lot of money!


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